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Radixx: Modular solutions to fit and build your business.鈥 Your way.

Realize revenue potential with smart retail technology.

Tailor your airline business

Every day, we help airlines like yours thrive in a travel market where competition for margin is fierce and consumer expectations for more are constant. With agility and scalability baked in, our Radixx product portfolio can help you meet your need for change today and deliver the retail-powered future of tomorrow.鈥

Agility at speed: Modular. Scalable. On your terms.

The pressure to optimize top-line revenues while driving bottom-line efficiencies is relentless. With low-cost and hybrid carriers driving industry growth, it’s vital to have an agile technology partner who can help you transform your business – from retailing and distribution to fulfillment.

With our modular approach, you choose the technology that best fits your business model. And our microservices-based architecture ensures the control remains in your hands for ultimate usability, implementation and innovation.

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